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It's with a lot of emotions that we move. We're now on the other side of the move. It's a great step up for us. We love Portland so much, but Gresham is the spot our family grows better, for now. We can have a larger home which makes things easier for us and we're nearer to the other half's job which makes a huge plus for him. Business aside, personally, it's a good move. We're close enough that we can visit the city like we never left, but on the business side its challenging. I was starting to get a lot of regular business at our old address, which was amazing. Now that I've moved I'm having to cultivate a whole new clientele and now I have new and unknown competitors. I'm much father from the market. Living next to the market was a giant advantage for my bootstraps operation. I don't have any coolers, but I had the ability to reach into the market at a moments notice. It's stressful not knowing what I'll find in Gresham. The office aka our garage is a lot more space for my shop. It's actually a real shop. When I moved in with my significant other I was operating out of our livingroom/diningroom and kitchen. It wasn't ideal, but I was able to produce some of my best work ever. I now have a full scale shop with water, counters, storage and soon... coolers! That will help bridge the gap of losing such easy access to the market. This is a big step up and I'm excited to fill into the new digs and step up my business. I'll talk about COVID in another blog, but 2020 is otherwise a good year and I'm here for it. Here's to you and yours and hoping you're safe and healthy and happy. We are, and I'm grateful.

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