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What a whirlwind year

I'm sorry for such a long sabbatical in posting. It's nearly October and my last post was hastily written after valentines. This has been a big year in my short time on Earth. So many things have happened for me in 2019; it's hard to remember everything. I moved in with my ride or die boo. Kicked the old jalopy to the curb and upgraded my whip to a still-has-that-new-smell Odyssey van! I've kicked up my personal support worker role working for the state. There have been so many life events happening it's been hard at times to keep up with my floral business. It has been super rewarding that even though I haven't had time to actively drum up business, business has been steadily finding me. It's a big testament to my work as many orders this summer has been repeat customers. Lots of friends on Facebook who follow my company page, and friends through my roller derby community. In addition, I'm still finding new business organically through my website which is super rewarding on the tech side. Google is finally ranking me high enough in search results that I'm able to be found without paid advertising. Even without time to put in the attention my business needs business is decently coasting along which has been perfect. The attention I've been able to put in has been put to concentrating on the business I get, which allowed me to keep my quality right where I love it; my very best each and every time. Now that school is back in and I feel like I'm finally getting a break, I'm hoping I can get back into my company more this fall and I look forward to talking to you more about it.

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