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Everyone has their civic duty to serve their community. It's not quite so weighty as it sounds. We're just all part of it. I've recently gotten to support two 501c3 organizations. It's a give first and see what comes back kind of exchange. The See You at the Summit charity fundraising event is for raisings funds to help teens with cancer. I made lots of table arrangements in custom printed tumbler glasses for people to take home as party favors and several centerpieces. It was all donated. What do I get? Great feelings obviously, but I also get a little mention on the website for my contribution, and I was able to leave my cards with each arrangement. I call that a win. I was able to help a fundraising occasion swank it up a notch to help them raise funds for worthy kids. It's community supporting, and the community (hopefully) supporting me back so I can do more supporting.

My second 501c3 is the Rose City Rollers (RCR). They offer the gift of sport and empowerment to generations of women and young ladies. I myself, am a Heartless Heather (an RCR league home-team). The RCR has been a great supporter of mine. The organization, yes, but I mean the community around the RCR has been very kind and given me lots of business. I've recently become an official paying sponsor of the league. It's very exciting and something of a "someday fantasy" of mine to do and now, that day is here. The league that supported me for years; I now get to support back and hopefully that'll lead to more support from me,... etc.

My point I want to make is that being of your community and part of it is a mutual support. I need to eat, so I leave my cards. They need support, so I donate. I think it's a similar mantra to say that you should buy local.

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