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Starting to make headway on SEO

I recently found that Wix's SEO "wizard" if somewhat limited. It's a start in a direction that gets you the first step in a stairwell of a tall building. I'm finding advice throughout the web on all kinds of topics. Rather than trying to give you advice on all these things, I'd say you'd be better off going to them yourself. Entrepreneur magazine has some great online advice I'd point you at as a starting place.

There are so many little technical things to watch out for that hurt your rating and some really big steps you can't miss such as "linkbacks". Essentially, these are links to your site from others' sites. It takes work, and I'm up for it. I really want to get organic sales online and avoid paying as much for business through Google Adwords. Wish me luck...

When Google ranks you, they have their computers "crawl" your site.

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